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Eco-friendly Pregis paper packaging systems now available from Network Packaging

A new range of eco-friendly and efficient Pregis paper packaging systems are now available to Network Packaging customers. With four models in the range, there’s a paper system to suit a variety of packing needs. This incudes void filling, blocking and bracing, and cushioning.

Small but efficient  

The two most compact machines are the Quantum XTW and the Packmate™ Pro. Both systems are user-friendly, efficient, and versatile. Plus, both machines will use less than 1.5m2 of floor space in your warehouse.

quantum paper packaging system

Quantum XTW system

For companies with less complex packing needs, the Quantum model provides a straightforward void fill solution. It’s super efficient too, producing up to 1.8m of fill per seconds.

With the Quantum system customers can choose from four different papers that vary in colour and weight.

packmate pro paper packaging system

Packmate™ Pro

If you have more intricate packing needs the Packmate™ Pro is a powerful choice. It provides high-speed delivery of ultra-strong paper cushions suitable for coiling, interleaving, bracing and more.

It can convert multiple grades of single or twin ply material and can be integrated underneath a work bench to save space.

Solutions for high-demand environments

For maximum efficiency in high demand packing spaces customers can choose from either the Packmaster™ Pro or Packmaster™ Pro Fanfold systems. They both provide a rapid 26m of material every minute, allowing packers to increase output by up to 35%.

Both Packmaster™ systems are suitable for the same applications as the Packmate™ Pro.  The standard Packmaster™ machine can be used with a choice of six paper varieties.

Packmaster™ Pro Fanfold

Packmaster™ Pro

For customers who need maximum efficiency and want to reduce material handling, the Packmaster™ Fanfold model is the ideal choice.


It uses pre-loaded pallets of paper that ensure continual material delivery whilst minimising the need to reload and replenish machines, saving packers time.

An environmentally friendly choice

All paper options available for Pregis machinery are sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. They’re also made from FSC certified sources and are manufactured with exclusively recycled, chemical free content.

Emma Phimister, Sales Manager for Network Packaging commented: “Being able to provide our customers with sustainable packaging solutions is incredibly important and the new Pregis equipment we can offer helps us do this. Where possible we will always aim to help customers use the minimal amount of packaging material feasible, encourage use of reusable or recyclable solutions and seek to reduce waste.”

For more information or to book a demonstration of the new Pregis paper packaging systems, contact Network Packaging by emailing