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StretchSB1243400x300x12 Mic High Yield Blown Stretchfilm6£4.05 per roll
TapesPPC150A48mm x 66m Clear Polyprop ( A ) tape36£0.66 per roll
TapesPPB150A49mm x 66m Buff Polyprop ( A ) tape36£0.57 per roll
StretchSB2053500x300x20 mic Blown Hand Stretch Film6£7.44 per roll
TapesPPB5015050mm x 150m Buff Tape36£1.48 per roll
TapesTAPPFRAGILE50mm x 66m White Tape Ptd "FRAGILE" in Red36£0.90 per roll
TapesPPC5015051mm x 150m Clear Tape36£1.20 per roll
StretchBL52519Black Stretch 500mm x 250m 19mu Super6£7.52 per roll
BoxesDW42Double Wall Box - 0201 20x20x20" 508x508x508mm 125 KTBC100£2.06
BoxesDW20Double Wall Box - 0201 406x406x406 / 16x16x16 125KTBC100£1.17
BoxesDW07Double Wall Box - 0201 D/W 305x229x229 / 12x9x9 125 KTBC100£0.49
BoxesDW10Double Wall Box - 0201 D/W 305x305x305 / 12x12x12100£0.78
BoxesDW26MDDouble Wall Box - 0201 D/W 457x305x305 cr 229/152 Printed Ref DW26MD 125 KTBC (multi-depth)100£0.79
BoxesDW34MDDouble Wall Box - 0201 D/W 610x457x457 cr 381/304/228 (multi depth)100£1.65
BoxesDW09Double Wall Box - 12x9x12" 0201 125KTBC Plain100£0.62
BoxesDW05Double Wall Box - 12x9x6" 0201 125TTBC Plain100£0.41
BoxesDW36Double Wall Box - 23x15x14.75 0201 125K/T BC Prtd ref.100£1.48
StretchSB11515Hand Stretch Wrap 100x150x17mu6£1.15 per roll
Protective packagingLB1250Large Bubble 1200mm x 50m1£18.50 per roll
Protective packagingLB1550Large Bubble 1500mm x 50m1£23.00 per roll
TapesLNB175Low Noise Buff Polyprop Tape 75mm x 66m36£1.31 per roll
Postal packagingMLW0Mail Lite Postal Bag 0 150x210 White, Bubble Lined100£0.07
Postal packagingMLW00Mail Lite Postal Bag 00 120x210 White, Bubble Lined100£0.08
Postal packagingMLW1Mail Lite Postal Bag 1 180x260 White Ref EB, Bubble Lined100£0.09
Postal packagingMLW2Mail Lite Postal Bag 2 220x260 White, Bubble Lined100£0.10
Postal packagingMLW3Mail Lite Postal Bag 3 220x330 White, Bubble Lined50£0.17
Postal packagingMLW4Mail Lite Postal Bag 4 240x330 White Ref EB, Bubble Lined50£0.15
Postal packagingMLW5Mail Lite Postal Bag 5 270x360 White, Bubble Lined50£0.16
Postal packagingMLW6Mail Lite Postal Bag 6 300x440 White, Bubble Lined50£0.19
Postal packagingMLW7Mail Lite Postal Bag 7 350x470 White REF EB, Bubble Lined50£0.35
BoxesSW03Single Wall Box - 0201 s/w 127x127x127 / 5x5x5100£0.16
BoxesSW06Single Wall Box - 0201 s/w 203x203x203 / 8x8x8 125ttb100£0.25
BoxesSW09Single Wall Box - 0201 s/w 305x229x114 12x9x4.5100£0.21
BoxesSW10Single Wall Box - 0201 s/w 305x229x152 / 12x9x6100£0.19
BoxesSW12Single Wall Box - 0201 s/w 305x229x229 / 12x9x9100£0.27
BoxesSW16MDSingle Wall Box - 0201 s/w 305x229x305/cr 229 - 12x9x12/cr 9 125 KTB (multi-depth)100£0.33
BoxesSW17Single Wall Box - 0201 s/w 305x305x305 / 12x12x12 125 KTB100£0.46
BoxesSW02Single Wall Box - 229x152x152mm 0201 125KTB Plain (9x6x6")100£0.20
BoxesSW20MDSingle Wall Box - 457x305x305/229/152mm 0201 125TTB (multi-depth)100£0.49
BoxesSW15Single Wall Box 0201 15x10x10" (381x254x254mm) 125 KTB Plain Glued100£0.42
Protective packagingBS1200DSmall Bubble 1200mm x 200m1£33.00 per roll
Protective packagingBS1500DSmall Bubble 1500mm x 200m1£39.00 per roll
StretchSB1743Stretch Blown Film 400 X 300M 17MU approx 1.88kg / Roll6£5.22 per roll
StretchSB2043Stretch Film Blown 400 X 300M 20MU6£6.44 per roll

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