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BoxesSW150201 15x10x10" (381x254x254mm) 125 KTB Plain Glued1215£307.00
BoxesCSPAIRSACBB90201 345x297x313mm 150 KTC Semi Chem Ptd 1 Colour4248£750.00
BoxesCSPAIRSACBB6R10201 360x190x300mm 150 KTC Semi Chem Ptd 1 Col1591£613.00
BoxesCSPT017COF1180x780x680mm 0201 Two Piece 300KTBC Plain Stitched 'Coffin Box'212£110.00
BoxesCSPR0357G1011200x800x710mm 0201 200KTBC Plain104£630.00
StrappingPPSPB1212mm Plastic Buckles (for 12mm polypropylene strapping)3000£2.50
Accessories & equipmentST140-8140/8mm Staples for Hand Tacker5000£5.00
PolythenePBL1824PWN18x24" Polybags 100g punched Hole & Printed Warning2000£164.00
BoxesCSPC001PGL1268x225x161mm 0201 125KTBC Plain240£71.00
TapesPPW506648mm x 66m White Polyprop Tape36£24.00
TapesTAPN017GREEN50x66mm Polyprop Tape Floodcoated Green Pantone 34766£56.00
TapesPPC7599075mmx990m Clear Polyprop (HM) Machine Tape16£193.00
PolythenePBL0912PWN9x12" Polybag 120g Punched Hole & Printed Warning2000£35.00
PolythenePBL0912PWN9x12" Polybag 120g Punched Hole & Printed Warning2000£43.00
BoxesCSPAPAFPBAir Freight Pallet Box 1000x920x900mm 0200 580 CA +Lid 300k/t BC4£40.00
BagsARO06AROFOL 6 Postal Bag White 220 x 340mm1000£30.00
BoxesBDCM4PBDCM4 393x293x191mm 140KKB FEFCO 0201 Plain Cardboard Box1914£350.00
TapesPPTBCP50Blue Polyprop Tape 50mmx66m716£100.00
BagsAROPLUS2Bubble Bag (AROFOL PLUS) 120x215mm with Oyster Mottled Kraft Liner200£50.00
BagsAROPLUS10Bubble Bag (AROFOL PLUS) 350x470mm with Oyster Mottled Kraft Liner150£10.00
BoxesCSPXSAFPBCap Sleeve and Tray 1290 x 1070 x 1275mm10£50.00
BoxesCSPAISB&LNEWCardboard Box & Lid 1400x1230x830mm Plain & Stitched12£100.00
BoxesCSPR021PL1Cardboard Box 1015x310x760mm FEFCO 0201 200KTBC Plain Glued With Hand Holes (for 32" Plasma TV)175£140.00
BoxesCSPP056MANTONCAR1R1Cardboard Box 290x190x290mm FEFCO 0201 125WTBC Plain49£15.00
BoxesCSPT053BW1Cardboard Box 350x350x30mm FEFCO 0473 200 KTB Plain689£100.00
BoxesCSPMCCARSTAIR Cardboard Box 730x50x800mm FEFCO 0201 200TL2BC90£50.00
BoxesCSPST6Carton 6 - 720x497x479mm FEFCO 0201 125KTBC Ptd Ref & Label Marker (100/Pallet)3659£3,290.00
Protective packagingFB4843Chip Foam Block 48"x4"x3"60£50.00
PolytheneCPDCM165240Clear Mailer 165x240mm 50mu Printed 'Warning' with 2 Punched Holes6000£50.00
PolytheneCM1824PClear Mailer 18x24" 45mu Self Seal Strip Plain20000£1,000.00
PolythenePCT151530HDBClear Polythene Top Sheets 1400x1400x30mu BOXED 250/Box1750£214.00
Protective packagingCPAISCorner Protectors 200x75mm 125K/125T BC768£20.00
Accessories & equipmentDES250Desicant Silica Gell 250g Bags (60 bags per box)240£50.00
BoxesDW02DW02 - 0201 D/W 203x203x203 / 8x8x825£5.50
Protective packagingFDD069477Foam Disc 210mm x 2.5mm with 76mm central cut out1530£88.00
BagsJP800Gold Padded Jiffy Bag Ref 00 (105x229mm Internal Dimensions) Flap 40mm1800£82.00
BagsJP1NW Gold Padded Jiffy Bag Ref 1 (165x280mm Internal Dimensions) Flap 40mm4000£200.00
BagsJP4NWGold Padded Jiffy Bag Ref 4 (225 x 343mm Internal Dimensions) Flap 40mm2700£175.00
BagsJP5NWGold Padded Jiffy Bag Ref 5 (245x381mm Internal Dimensions) Flap 40mm3900£300.00
PolytheneRPHD812Grip Seal Bag 203x304mm Heavy Duty2000£15.00
PolytheneRP13NWGrip Seal Bag 325x325mm 180g11000£250.00
Accessories & equipmentDISPHandy Wrap Dispenser HW3813£9.00
Accessories & equipmentDISP1ISP1 - 1" Bench Mounted Tape Dispenser Ref PD3262£2.50
Protective packagingCPP036Large Plastic Expandable Corner Protector EXLCP (250/box) to fit 35mm-70mm736£30.00
Protective packagingFBS006J71LD70 Plastazote Blocks 25x25x15mm2200£124.00
PolytheneLFT16500LFT16500 - Layflat Tubing 16" 500G3£118.00
TapesTAPPFRAGILELN 50 x 66 Tape printed " fragile "785£495.00
StrappingPPS12-165AUTOMachine Strapping (White) 200x190x3000mm 12-165-MC AutoStrap2£10.00
BagsMAILTUFF3 Mail Tuff (Size 3) Durable Mailing Envelopes 270x350mm Opaque94£5.00
StrappingSSB12Metal Strapping Buckles 12mm1000£5.00
PolytheneMF1/4240GMultifold sheeting 1-4m 240g 50m/Roll1£27.00
Protective packagingCP28Plastic Corner Protector 60x60x28mm (1000 per box)2100£5.00
PolytheneCFS350700Polyolefin Shrinkfilm 350/700mm 19mu 1000m3£163.00
TapesTAPPQCRPolyprop Tape 50mmx66m "QC REJECTED"57£10.00
TapesTAPPRJPolyprop Tape 50mmx66m "REJECT"70£30.00
StrappingPPSS12HDPolyprop. Strapping Seal 12mm Heavy Duty2000£17.00
PolythenePBSH054C291Polythene Bag (Gussetted / Clear) 1270x2337x1600mm 75 Micron (mu) Virgin Material2250£1,000.00
PolythenePBH0507Polythene Bag 127x178mm / 5"x7" Heavy Duty 500g1000£5.00
PolythenePBHRPPolythene Bag 1500x1500mm 500g White Opaque Printed 1 colour 1 side960£250.00
PolythenePBM0608Polythene Bag 152x203 / 6"x8" M/Duty1000£6.00
PolythenePBL0610Polythene Bag 152x254mm / 6" x 10" 120g1000£5.00
PolythenePBL0709Polythene Bag 178x229 / 7"x9" L/Duty1000£4.50
PolythenePBM0814Polythene bag 203x356mm / 8"x14" Medium Duty 200G1500£5.00
PolythenePBM1218Polythene Bag 305x457 / 12"x18" M/Duty 200G4000£101.00
PolythenePBH1218P035Polythene Bag 305x457mm / 12"x18" Heavy Duty 500g500£15.00
PolythenePBL1520Polythene Bag 381x508 / 15"x20" L/Duty2400£432.00
PolythenePBL203080Polythene Bag 500mmx750mm / 20x30" 80g (500/Box)8000£200.00
PolythenePBL2436I028Polythene Bag 610mmx915mm / 24" x 36" 100g with Printed Warning Notice4000£200.00
PolythenePBL2436Polythene Bag 610mmx915mm / 24x36" 120g (500/Box)3000£150.00
PolythenePBL0304Polythene Bag 76x102mm / 3" x 4" Light duty 120G4000£5.00
PolythenePB1011BPolythene Bag Perforated on Roll 1000x1150mm 90mu Blue Opaque1000£550.00
Protective packagingPTP0561Postal Tube 101.6mm x 670mm 2mm with End Caps250£100.00
BoxesPTS081Postal Tube 75mm Diameter x 490mm long x 3mm thick + Caps100£45.00
StretchPPSF5017Power Pre Stretchfilm 500mm 17mu 2047m 16KG rolls (Price shown per roll)260£24.00
Accessories & equipmentSTAPREP73Rapesco H073 Stapling Plier1£5.00
Accessories & equipmentBLADESReplacement Blades for BNR Safety Knife (1 Box of 10 Blades)9£5.50
PolythenePSF027SHRINKShrink Film Sheets 1mx4m 500g (15 Sheets / Roll )56£1,000.00
PaperMCSILVKRAFTSilver Kraft Counter Rolls 700mm x 250m1£90.00
Protective packagingSFC025Single Face Corrugated Roll 250 x 75m3£7.00
Accessories & equipmentSTAPLESR73-6Staples R73-6 to match plier R-31 (11.3mm wide x 6mm leg)5000£5.00
StrappingSSBSCSteel Buckles 25mm Self Colour (untreated) 500 per box1000£5.00
StrappingSSS19Steel Strapping Seals (Open) 19mm4000£5.00
StrappingSSBZ16Strapping Buckles Phosphate 16mm2000£20.00
StrappingPPSS1232Strapping Seal (Semi Open) 12x32x0.6mm 2000/Box2000£5.00
StrappingPPSS13KStrapping Seal (Serrated) 13mm Heavy Duty (1000/Box)7000£50.00
Protective packagingSCFM060Stratocell Blocks 250x23x18mm5000£200.00
Accessories & equipmentSFDEStretch Film Dispenser - Economy DPD38/DPD50 (for stretch film on 38mm or 50mm core)11£5.00
TapesPPB50990VVibac 48x990m Buff Polyprop (HM) Machine Tape5£25.00
TapesPPTYCP50Yellow Polyprop Tape 50mmx66m1151£125.00

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