We stock stretch film in a range and widths and microns to suit a variety of needs. For heavier duty requirements we stock films up to 20 micron and offer pre-stretch, which provides a stronger and more resilient film.

  • Hand Blown Stretch Films
  • Hand Pre-Stretch Films
  • Hand Cast Stretch Films
  • Handywrap Stretch Films
  • Machine Cast Stretch Films
  • Stretch Film Dispensers & Machinery

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Stock Prices
Product CodeProduct DescriptionPack QuantityPrice Per Unit**Contact
SB1243400x300x12 Mic High Yield Blown Stretchfilm6£4.05 per roll
SB2053500x300x20 mic Blown Hand Stretch Film6£7.44 per roll
BL52519Black Stretch 500mm x 250m 19mu Super6£7.52 per roll
SB11515Hand Stretch Wrap 100x150x17mu6£1.15 per roll
SB1743Stretch Blown Film 400 X 300M 17MU approx 1.88kg / Roll6£5.22 per roll
SB2043Stretch Film Blown 400 X 300M 20MU6£6.44 per roll

** Stock prices shown are subject to change at any time and should be treated as guide prices only. Please contact us for our latest pricing.