‘Airsac’ by Network Packaging is an inflatable packaging solution for fragile and breakable goods.

Airsac is an inflatable packaging system that’s been developed specifically for fragile and breakable goods. Composed of only 2% film and 98% air, Airsac is 100% recyclable and totally reusable.

Available in a range sizes, it can be used to protect mobile phones, laptops, IT components, TVs, pharmaceuticals, picture frames, wine, spirits & beer, plus lots more. We can also design bespoke Airsacs for any application.

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Key benefits of Airsac inflatable packaging include:

  • Save up to 90% of storage space – Airsacs come flat until inflated
  • Green credentials – Airsacs are 100% recyclable and can be reused
  • Virtually eliminates damages and returns – the multi-chamber system of Airsac provides advanced protection
  • Quick and easy to use – Airsacs inflate in seconds, using a small compressor
  • Drives cost efficiencies – a lighter solution that reduces transit pack and process

Airsac Ultramail – the inflatable mailing bag

Airsac UltraMail features a traditional mailing bag lined with our multi-chamber Airsac inflatable packaging. It’s been designed to provide higher-grade protection than the likes of bubble lined or padded envelopes. Ideal for protecting any fragile and breakable goods in transit, Airsac UltraMail is suitable for a number of markets including internet retail, pharmaceuticals, electronics, cosmetics and more.

It has an opaque mailing bag outer, which can be customised to your requirements from colour and size through to detailed branding. Airsac UltraMail is subject to our custom Airsac process and is not a stock item. Click here to learn more. 

  • Lined with Airsac inflatable packaging to provide optimum protection for your goods
  • Features two self-seal strips, so can be used for customer returns if the need arises
  • Low cost start up – a simple air compressor or regulated shop air is all you need to get started with Airsac UltraMail

Airsac Ultramail

Why choose Airsac UltraMail for your packing operation?

  • Virtually eliminate damages & returns – as your goods are completely protected, Airsac UltraMail minimises the costly expense of replacing damaged goods and reverse logistics
  • An all-in-one solution – Airsac UltraMail is a complete mailing solution that removes the need for cartons, void fill and tape, meaning you can reduce your packaging material usage and save money
  • Eco-friendly option – Airsac UltraMail is 100% recyclable, helping you minimise packaging waste liability and boosting your green credentials
  • Speed up your packaging – you can inflate Airsac UltraMail within seconds, cutting your packing time drastically

Airsac steps

If you’d like to buy Airsac, head to airasc.co.uk to shop the range online. 


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