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Network Packaging is part of the Macfarlane Group UK Limited. As such, a terms and conditions of trading are the same as those of Macfarlane Packaging. To read our full terms and conditions, please click here to download them.

Data Protection and Privacy

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We will use a cookie to detect if our website is being accessed by a human; this is mainly for security reasons and involves storing the IP addresses of all human and non-human (i.e. web crawling bot) visitors.

We may analyse anonymous aggregate data, for example: how many people visit our site each day, geographic location of those visitors, the pages they visit most frequently etc.

We will store data submitted through any of the contact forms on this website. Your submitted data will be stored privately on our server and emailed directly to us at contact@networkpack.co.uk then viewed only by Network Packaging staff.


Our use of cookies
When using the networkpack.co.uk website, we want to ensure your user experience is as easy, useful and reliable as possible. When services are delivered on the Internet, this occasionally requires placing small amounts of information on your computer. These files are known as cookies. They cannot be used to identify you personally but purely exist to improve services for you.

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Cookies used by this website
There are two cookie types that you may encounter on networkpack.co.uk. These are known as; ‘First party cookies’ and ‘Third party cookies’.

First party cookies: these are cookies that are necessary for our website to function and ensure a positive user experience.

Third party cookies: these are cookies delivered by other companies and determine ways in which we can improve or enhance our website. Please see below for a further description of these cookies and the time they remain resident on your computer

First party cookies:
Purpose: Stores session information whilst viewing the website to enhance user experience. No personal information is used in this cookie.
Expires: When you close your browser.

Name _icl_current_language
Purpose: Stores the current language version of our Live Chat
Expires: 24 hours

Name wplc_chat_status
Purpose: Checks the status of a Live Chat session
Expires: 24 hours

Name: wfvt
Purpose: A security cookie which helps prevent malicious website attacks, worms and viruses that could impact our visitors.
Expires: 30 minutes.

Name: wordfence_verifiedHuman
Purpose: Security cookie used to verify if the visitor is a bot or human
Expires: 24 hours

Third party cookies:
Used by Google Analytics, Facebook and Wordfence.
Provider: Google Analytics
Name: _gat
Purpose: used to throttle request rates for analytics tracking.
Expires: 1 minute.

Provider: Google Analytics
Name: _ga
Purpose: Used to distinguish users when tracking analytics
Expires: 2 years.

Provider: Google Analytics
Name: _gid
Purpose: Used to distinguish users when tracking analytics
Expires: 24 hours.