Enhancing Acer’s

customer experience

Customer Profile: Acer is a leading producer of computing and entertainment equipment for the home, work and serious gamers. Their products include laptops, screens, tablets and wearbles.

The Challenge 

Acer needed a solution for refurbished, unboxed tablet devices being shipped in the UK and Europe. The pack had to provide excellent protection and reduce costs. Plus, Acer wanted to speed up its packing.

The Solution

In response, the Airsac® team at Network Packaging developed Airsac® UltraMail. The innovative solution combines an outer PE film mailing bag lined with inflatable packaging to produce an all-in-one protective mailing solution.

Supplied flat, UltraMail is inflated when used and is manufactured with LLDPE and nylon for added durability. To enhance Acer’s customer experience, the pack was branded with Acer’s colours and strapline.

Acer Airsac UltraMail Inflatable Packaging

Samples were manufactured at the Airsac® UK design centre using bespoke heat sealing machines. The inner layer of Airsac® film utilises a multi-chamber design that acts as a safety feature – when one tube is punctured, the rest remain inflated. For easy returns, a double peel and stick closure was added.

The Result

Acer was the first business in the UK to use bespoke Airsac® UltraMail to protect its goods within the supply chain.  Using UltraMail has given Acer a cost saving of 70% across its tablet packaging. Plus, Acer was able to reduce their pack time from 2 minutes to 30 seconds! Acer’s returns damage was eliminated – dropping from 5% to 0% when UltraMail is used and packaging waste has reduced too.

What Acer has to say:

“Airsac® UltraMail has helped us enhance our customer experience and make great savings. We’re confident in value that UltraMail offers, so we’re looking to use it across our entire In Warranty Repair Process. Working closely with the Airsac® design team means we always end up with creative solutions that completely meet our needs and deliver efficiencies.”