Gummed Paper Tape
case study

Gummed Paper Tape

Regularly evaluating your packaging can highlight where improvements can be made in the supply chain. This case study demonstrates how one simple change can offer a range of benefits including increased productivity and reduced packaging costs. 

The Issue

Our customer was looking for ways to make their packaging more operationally and cost efficient, in a bid to continually optimise their packing operation.

Before Gum Tape

During a packaging evaluation, it was identified that packers were using excess tape, which was not only wasteful but impacting the appearance of the pack. Up to 8.4m of tape was being used per box, at a cost of £0.17 per pack.

The solution

Gummed Paper Tape

To improve the pack appearance of the pack, gummed paper tape was introduced as an alternative. Use of an automated dispenser, would also ensure the volume of tape being used could be controlled.

The results

The new pack now only used 2m of tape, controlled by the automated dispenser. This has resulted in more than a 75% reduction in tape usage. Per pack there has been a 13% cost saving.

After Tape Box

  • Increased productivity – higher yield rolls, meaning less frequent roll changes – saving packer time
  • Reduced packaging waste – automated dispenser regulates tape use, meaning less wastage
  • Minimised pack costs – reduced material cost and usage, plus increased productivity contribute to overall cost reduction
  • Improved CSR – as gummed paper tape is 100% recyclable it help boots green credentials with the end customer
  • Improved customer perception – a cleaner, streamlined pack enhances the customer experience
  • Enhanced security – gummed paper tape adheres more effectively to cardboard than any other tape, meaning any tampering will be clearly evident