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Our Smartpack team and service can provide you with a streamlined packaging operation that is faster, easier to manage and delivers significant savings.

As a Smartpack customer you will benefit from a strategic partnership with Network Packaging, one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers. We will undertake a comprehensive review of your packaging products and processes. This will identify any inefficiencies and hidden costs that could be slowing you down, loading your costs and even undermining your brand through poor customer experience.

The review will include:

  • Understanding your strategic challenges and objectives
  • Developing in-depth site profiles (considering location, scale, operational structure and workforce requirements)
  • Establishing baseline data (including supply chain, stock holding, SLAs, product and packing stations)
  • Isolating the hidden costs in your operation

We can then develop a tailored solution involving improved processes and better pack design.

Typical benefits from a packaging review include:

  • Alleviating bottlenecks
  • Enhancing packaging design and branding
  • Increasing throughput
  • Reducing labour costs
  • Minimising environmental impact

You can download our Smartpack brochure by clicking here.

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Innovative pack design

The right packaging design improves every aspect of your operation. It will:

  • enable pallet optimisation, reducing the number of truck journeys
  • be lighter, saving fuel
  • use less materials, saving money
  • protect the product better, minimising damages
  • be easier to store

It can also be part of an automated solution that reduces labour costs and improves packing speeds. And the fuel and material savings will support your CSR objectives.

We can deliver tailored pack designs through our unique Innovation Lab or source the ideal pack for you from one of our 650 global suppliers.

Improved process

When the appropriate pack design is combined with such measures as improved station design, automation and our agile stock management service your Smartpack solution will speed up your operation and start delivering consistent, measurable time and cost savings.

As a Smartpack customer, you will be supported by our highly experienced account management team.

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Existing Smartpack customers include: