Delivering success for you
and your customers

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

There’s a relentless demand from online shoppers to have it NOW, margins are always being squeezed and, increasingly, supply chains must be sustainable. With more and more eCommerce businesses turning to third party logistics (3PL) for fulfilment, these pressures present a constant challenge for any 3PL business. The packaging that products are shipped in has a vital role to play in meeting this challenge.

At Network Packaging we design tailored systems and packaging solutions that ensure our 3PL clients deliver success for their customers whatever the pressures, time after time.

Our 3PL solutions:

  • Minimise pack size and weight – pallet loading is optimised and less fuel is used, saving money and the environment
  • Ensure better product fit – reducing fill, so you’re not paying to ship air
  • Provide improved product protection – virtually eliminating damages and returns, so costly reverse logistics are lessened
  • Make use of automation – speeding up packing, sealing and dispatch, improving efficiency
  • Make use of stock holding and just-in-time delivery – saving on storage space and ensuring continuity of supply
  • Use innovative, sustainable materials – giving you an edge when it comes to packaging
  • Use returns-ready packaging designs – offering streamlined reverse logistics and an enhanced customer experience
  • Protect and promote your clients’ brands –  secure, easy to open and beautifully branded packaging

To find out more about how much we can do for your 3PL business, contact us.