The true cost of your packaging
may well be higher than you think.

There’s a lot more to the cost of your packaging than meets the eye. In fact, 90% of packaging costs are hidden within 6 key areas, behind the basic unit price of your packing material. Our team of packaging experts can help you reveal them…

Click on the icons below to see where your packaging costs are hiding and learn how we tackle them with our packaging review analysis.


Damages & returns

Transport & the environment



Customer experience

Looking to make room in your warehouse?

You might find that packaging is taking up valuable room in your warehouse. Analysing your warehouse operations and making use of a stock holding service can help you release space and improve cash flow.

Could damages & returns be costing you?

Replacing damaged goods and accounting for reverse logistics can be expensive. Fit for purpose packaging can help minimise this, enhancing the customer experience and cutting your costs.

Are you maximising your pallet plans and minimising transport costs?

Optimised packaging that’s lighter and smaller can help you cut transport costs and reduce your CO2 emissions. Plus, well designed solutions can help you plan your pallets & transport more effectively, further diminishing your carbon footprint.

Do you spend a lot of time managing your
packaging orders, stocks and supplies?

Consolidating your packaging materials or using a single supplier who can deliver all of your requirements can help free up your time, reduce hassle and minimise your labour costs.

Are you getting the most out of your packing

Even the smallest bottleneck can impact limit your pack speed or increase your labour requirements. Reviewing how quickly you’re able to collate, assemble and pack your products is an important part of an optimised supply chain.

Is your packaging making the right impression on
your customers?

Packaging that’s not fit for purpose could be costing you your reputation and your customers. A positive first impression can help you leverage customer loyalty. We can help you with solutions that are easy to open, recyclable, protect goods and reflect the value of your brand to give customers a memorable experience.

What happens during a packaging review?

When we visit your site to complete a packaging review, we look at three key areas to reveal the true cost of your packaging. After the review, you receive a customised packaging proposal, tailored to your business. Click on the icons below to lean more.

Suitability & Design



Is your packaging doing a good enough job?

We’ll review your packaging design and help you get the most out of it. A fit for purpose packaging design will pay for itself several times over, helping you save time, protect your goods and please your customers

Could your packaging operation be more efficient?

We’ll observe your pack line, processes & team to identify new efficiencies. Our recommendations will help you speed up your packing, increase throughput, reduce your packaging waste and optimise labour costs.

Is your packaging where you need it when you need it?

We’ll assess your packaging stock, storage & deliveries to see how we can make life easier for you. The services we offer can help you release space, ease cash flow and give you peace of mind when it comes to packaging.

What results can you expect?

Save money

& admin


Enhance your
pack line

Save space

Reduce your

Improve your

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