Reveal the true cost
of your packaging

The true cost of your packaging may well be higher than you think.

There’s a lot more to the cost of your packaging operation than meets the eye. In fact, 90% of packaging costs are hidden behind the basic unit price of your packing material.

We can reveal the true cost of your packaging by reviewing three key areas of your operation. By truly understanding your business and these important areas, we can yield significant savings.

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Suitability and Design

Suitability & Design



Suitability & Design

Is your packaging doing a good enough job? The first thing we’ll consider is whether you’re getting the most out of your current packing materials. A fit-for-purpose packaging design will pay for itself several times over…

  • Maximum protection – the right packaging will protect your product more effectively, saving significant cost of returns and replacements
  • Optimal material use – a great design will lessen your waste and save on material costs
  • Easy to handle & transport – a fit-for-purpose pack will be easy to palletise and load, plus it will be lighter, reducing the number of truck journeys, lowering fuel costs and minimising your environmental impact
  • Easy open & returns ready – a good pack that’s quick to open, reseal and return will make your customers’ lives easier
  • Enhanced customer experience – your optimised packaging can be branded, so your customers remember you and your unboxing experience

All of these advantages lead to direct savings for you and happier customers, which is worth an incalculable amount over the lifetime of a relationship. Fit-for-purpose packaging also supports corporate customers CSR objectives and the environmental advantages of a more efficient operation will appeal to consumers.


Next we’ll look at how efficient your operation is – are you packing quickly? Could you do things differently to make savings? Our experts will observe your packing areas, packers and packing processes to identify inefficiencies.

Whether introducing automation, redesigning your workstations or offering integrated systems, we can design complete solutions that deliver big savings by speeding up and streamlining operations so you can enjoy:

  • Dramatically improved throughput – more packs out the door
  • Optimised labour costs – getting the most out of packer time
  • Reduced fill and waste – lessening material costs and packaging waste tax
  • Efficient workspace – effective pack area designs and storages solutions will release space and speed up operations

These efficiencies will remove the pressure-points in your operation, mitigating the effects of peak demand making sure you can get your goods to the end consumer and make savings.


Finally, we’ll look at how easily you can access your packaging – from the location it’s kept in your warehouse through to stock holding on your behalf.

Storing packaging in your own warehouse means you’ve always got what you need but keeping too much packaging on site means money is tied up in stock. Plus some items can perish if they’re stored for too long.

We can hold stock for you and drip-feed it in line with demand. With over 50,000 sq ft in our Midlands warehouses and access to a further 650,000 sq ft nationwide as part of the Macfarlane Packaging group, your stock will always be available when and where you need it.

  • Release space – you can free up valuable space in your warehouse
  • Ease cash flow – you’re only paying for the packaging you need
  • Peace of mind – we can ensure continuity of supply, even during peak