Save storage space
without compromising
stock supply

Stock Management

Use our warehouse space with our stock holding service – your packaging materials will be kept in a clean and safe environment. Stock can be drip fed in line with demand, so you only pay for what you use. Also, because our storage becomes yours, you’ll release valuable space in your own warehouse!

We have 3 Midlands based warehouses combining over 50,000 sq ft and access to a further 650,000 sq ft of space nationwide as part of the Macfarlane Packaging group. So you can rest assured your packaging will only be a phone call away.

On Demand Stock Management & Production

As part of our warehousing and storage services, we can manage your packaging inventory for you. We’ll ensure you have enough stock on your site, with on demand stock in our warehouse. This means that all of your packaging will be produced just-in-time to satisfy your requirements – ensuring continuity of supply.

  • Lower stock holding – less risk
  • Minimise packaging inventory on site
  • Release your storage space
  • Minimise capital tied up in packaging
  • Improve cash flow
  • Help ensure quality – packaging materials less likely to perish

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