A bespoke solution
for One Vision

Customer: One Vision Imaging    www.onevisionimaging.com

This case study features One Vision Imaging, a West Midlands based business, which provides high quality printing, wall display products, albums, photobooks and high value framed sporting memorabilia. 

The Issue

One Vision Imaging was experiencing significant damage in transit to high value, framed sporting memorabilia because their packaging solution wasn’t providing sufficient protection. At the time, the pack consisted of large bubble wrap teamed with an outer carton.

International transit in particular was proving the most troublesome. On average 10% of products were returned, with approximately 50 out of every 500 items distributed being impaired. The cost of reverse logistics alone was between £500 – £600 per pack for international returns, with some as much as £1,000. This meant that for every 50 packs returned, One Vision Imaging was looking at £25,000 annual expenditure just to get the goods back to their Coventry site. Plus, this didn’t include the cost of replacing / repairing / refunding damaged goods….

The Packaging Solution

Network Packaging had contacted One Vision Imaging regarding Airsac inflatable packaging for their smaller framed items; however, it soon became clear that One Vision Imaging required a bespoke solution for their larger, more costly products that were coming to harm.

Working in partnership with One Vision’s Product Manager, the Network Packaging representative developed a bespoke Airsac solution. The process involved trialling several different styles – from individual Airsac corners through to the chosen Airsac end-cap solution.

Airsac Photo Frame

The final approved design features a unique triangle impact barrier on each Airsac end-cap. This absorbs any excess impact in the event a package is dropped or knocked, providing robust protection against damage to the fragile picture frame corners.

The Results

  • Eliminated damages in transit – use of Airsac as a packaging solution means One Vision Imaging’s damages and returns are at an all-time low of <1%
  • Cost neutral packaging materials – the price of Airsac was cost neutral compared to the previous packaging solution – meaning no additional expenditure on packaging materials
  • Reverse logistics & returns expenditure minimised – as damages and returns are now less than 1%, One Vision Imaging has seen a massive saving of at least £50,000 (based on reverse logistics savings over 2 years)
  • Enhanced customer experience – customers now enjoy streamlined transactions with One Vision Imaging as products arrive intact and attractively packaged, plus there’s no hassle arranging a repair or refund
  • Increased packing efficiency – the consistent pack size Airsac offers means One Vision colleagues are able to easily and quickly pack large frame products, with minimum fuss

Barn Door Picture Frame

One Vision Imaging and Network Packaging have enjoyed a collaborative relationship since 2013. Airsac has proved a great success for One Vision and the team here at Network Packaging has subsequently worked to design and develop further Airsac solutions for other One Vision products.