We can provide both paper and polythene bags, including foods grade quality material if you need it.

paper bag
  • Polythene bags
  • Grip seal bags
  • Refuse sacks and bin liners
  • Rubble sacks
  • Paper carrier bags
  • Gusseted paper or polythene bags

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Stock Prices
Product CodeProduct DescriptionPack QuantityPrice Per Unit**Contact
ARO06AROFOL 6 Postal Bag White 220 x 340mm1000£30.00
AROPLUS2Bubble Bag (AROFOL PLUS) 120x215mm with Oyster Mottled Kraft Liner200£50.00
AROPLUS10Bubble Bag (AROFOL PLUS) 350x470mm with Oyster Mottled Kraft Liner150£10.00
JP800Gold Padded Jiffy Bag Ref 00 (105x229mm Internal Dimensions) Flap 40mm1800£82.00
JP1NW Gold Padded Jiffy Bag Ref 1 (165x280mm Internal Dimensions) Flap 40mm4000£200.00
JP4NWGold Padded Jiffy Bag Ref 4 (225 x 343mm Internal Dimensions) Flap 40mm2700£175.00
JP5NWGold Padded Jiffy Bag Ref 5 (245x381mm Internal Dimensions) Flap 40mm3900£300.00
MAILTUFF3 Mail Tuff (Size 3) Durable Mailing Envelopes 270x350mm Opaque94£5.00

** Stock prices shown are subject to change at any time and should be treated as guide prices only. Please contact us for our latest pricing.