Streamlined solutions
for Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse

Customer: Carphone Warehouse,
Sector: Mobile phone logistics

What we did:

Network Packaging developed detailed knowledge of Carphone Warehouse’s strategy, goals and objectives to help form a variety of packaging solutions from cartons and pick bins, through to void fill and traditional packaging consumables. We have also provided innovative protective packaging products so valuable mobile goods don’t get damaged in transit.

The result:

  • Enabled rationalisation of Carphone Warehouse’s supplier base – as we’re a packaging distributor, we’re able to act as a one-stop solutions provider
  • Transit damages and returns reduced significantly
  • Void fill costs reduced by 50% – this was achieved through the use of air bags rather than paper fill
  • Packer efficiency increased as a result of the new void fill

As we’re dedicated to customer service here at Network Packaging, we’ve always been on hand to provide technical support to Carphone Warehouse whenever they need it. In addition, we always aim to go the extra mile during peak time and arrange out of hours supply to ensure end customer orders are fulfilled. The combination of innovative products and focussed account management means that Carphone Warehouse remains one of our most loyal customers to this day.