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3 easy ways you can save space…

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Space is precious! Packaging can admittedly take up a lot of room, so whether you’re trying to save money or dedicate more of your storage to your own goods, here are 3 ways you can save space…

  1. Use a stock holding service – all good packaging providers will offer a stock holding service, so you don’t have to fill your own warehouse up with packaging.

On demand supply means you only pay for what you’re using, improving cash flow and saving space. Learn more about our stock holding service here. 

  1. Rationalise your packaging range – you may be using 10 boxes to pack your goods, when you only need three or you could be stocking four different kinds of tape when you only need one.Minimising the number of packaging lines you’re using will save space and money. Our packaging experts can help you decide which materials you need and what to retire. To read about one of our space saving packaging solutions, click here.
  2. Introduce, new, space saving materials new innovations or re-engineered packaging materials can help minimise the space you’re using. Sealed Air E Bubble comes in 150m rolls, but is just as compact as a standard 100m roll, so you could reduce the number of rolls you need.You could also consider replacing bulky items like polystyrene with Airsac inflatable packaging, which is stored flat and can save up to 90% of storage space.

    If you want to speak to someone about more ways you can release space in your warehouse or rationalise your packaging range, contact Network Packaging today. Call us on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form