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3 reasons why packaging should be important to your brand

Packaging is a commodity that most businesses need to use, but have you ever considered why it should be important to your brand?

Whether you’re a small business or a national company, you’ve probably wondered if it’s worthwhile paying for branded packaging… Yes, it will cost more than plain, off-the-shelf packing materials, but whatever your budget there’s a way to create a memorable brand experience with packaging….


  1. Packaging protects your products

One of the most basic benefits packaging provides is protection in transit. Preventing damages is essential if you want to keep your business costs down. The protection packaging provides can also protect your reputation and the customer experience.

A poor delivery experience can result in the loss of good will and repeat sales, so understanding your damage touchpoints and optimising your packaging are key. Click here to read our guide to reducing damages with packaging.


  1. Packaging is an extension of your brand

Your packaging can help you bring your brand to life – so think of it as an extension of your brand.

Brand perception is important, and packaging offers a physical medium to establish a connection with your customer in an increasingly digital landscape. When you think about it, packaging is often the largest form of marketing media that many businesses own, so using it to communicate with customers is essential if you want to maximise your packaging spend and your marketing strategy.


  1. Packaging is part of the customer experience

The unboxing experience has gone from being internet fad to a must-have marketing tool. For many brands, packaging an often be the first tactile touchpoint in the customer journey, so it makes sense to make the most the unboxing moment.

Adding value to your customer experience with bespoke packaging can create a feeling of anticipation and shows attention to detail. In fact, 61% of consumers say branded packaging gets them more excited about receiving a package.

In turn, this generates repeat sales and can help create word-of-mouth buzz about your brand with 50% of consumers more likely to recommend product  that comes in branded packaging.  


Want to brand your packaging?

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