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3 more ways to tackle the cost of packaging

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If you buy any kind of paper-based packaging, you might have noticed that costs have been creeping up recently.

Supply and demand in Europe is affecting the prices you pay. So, how can you tackle the cost of packaging?

Last year on our blog we published 4 ideas to help you reduce your packaging costs. Since paper costs have been rising again, we’ve put our heads together and come up with 3 more ways you can save money when it comes to packaging…

Review your pack line operational efficiency

You’ve probably heard the phrase “time is money”, right? It’s true when it comes to packaging!

How quick your packaging is to assemble, where it’s stored and how easy it is to handle can impact your efficiency and therefore, your labour costs. You’ll also find inconsistent packing – e.g. using too much packaging or too little packaging, may impact your costs too!

Simple changes, like storing key packaging products within easy reach of packers will minimise your down time. Using easy to assemble packaging, like crash lock boxes, will also release time and enable you to reallocate or cut labour costs.

Review your pallet and transport planning

Are you planning your pallets and transport as effectively as possible? You can look at how your pallets are being loaded, which could help you reduce the amount you’re spending. More effective pallet loading equals less pallets being used. This means you’ll need to pay less to couriers or use fewer containers if you’re exporting.

Reviewing the shape and style of boxes you’re using when loading pallets or the pallet wrap you use can also contribute to more effective pallet planning.

Review your storage costs

If you pay for storage space, you should consider suppliers that offer stock holding services – like us! If you use our stock management service  we make sure you always have the packaging you need, when you need it AND you can release valuable space.

We also drip-feed in stock, so you only pay for what you’re using, when you use it, which will improve your overall cash flow.

Book a packaging review to start saving

If you want to reduce the cost of packaging our experts can help you review things like operational efficiency, storage and other associated costs. To book your free packaging audit simply call us on 01902 496 666, email us or complete our contact form.