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3 tips to help you reduce packaging waste

Does your business use a lot of packaging? If the answer is yes, it’s likely that you’re completing your packaging waste reports for the year. Our team has put together a range of tips you can use to help reduce your packaging waste…

Reuse or re-purpose your packaging materials

If you want to be super economical and environmentally friendly, reusing or re-purposing your packaging is the way to go.

So, if you have lots of old cardboard boxes, shredding them using a carton shredder will offer you some eco-friendly void fill and help you minimise waste and save money.

Alternatively, you can re-use some packaging materials. For example, our Airsac inflatable packaging stays inflated, so can be used again. Plus, it cam be recycled at the end of it’s life.

Review your consumable packaging 

Are you using the right amount of stretch wrap, void fill or tape?

If you don’t monitor your packaging in detail, you might find reviewing your packaging materials can help you reduce waste.

For example, if you’re using the wrong stretch wrap or if your air cushions aren’t inflating properly, you may be using more material than you need, which creates waste.

Making simple changes can be effective in not only cutting waste, but can also help save you money and improve your customer experience. Click here to check out a gummed paper case study where we helped our customer reduce their packaging waste and save increase productivity.

Rationalise your packaging products 

If you’re using a sizeable number of packaging products, you could make savings and minimise waste by reducing the range of materials you pack with.

We’ve met customers who use 20+ packaging products, but needed less than 10 items. Multi-use packaging designs are a fantastic way to rationalise your packaging lines as they’ll save space and reduce your waste. Click here to read a multi-use box case study.

So, do you need help reducing your packaging waste?

For a reminder of your packaging waste responsibilities, click here to read our quick guide!

If you need further support, our experts can help you with a professional packaging review that will identify ways to help you reduce waste and reveal the hidden costs of packaging. Book a review today by calling 01902 496 666, emailing us or completing our contact form.