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3 ways to improve health & safety with packaging equipment

Anti Fatigue MatMobile StretchCarrying Harnesses

Health and safety is an essential component of any workplace. As well as commonplace healthy and safety concerns like first aid and fire safety, you also need to consider the work equipment of your employees. We know that packing goods can be a very physically demanding job, so we’ve outlined three ways you can improve health and safety for your packers…

1. Introduce anti-fatigue mats – these mats are a solution for relieving the stress of working in long-term standing environments. They insulate against cold floors, reduce impact on packers’ legs and provide a comfortable working surface. Anti-fatigue mats are available in a range sizes to suit your packing space.

2. Change your stretch wrap application method – if you’re using stretch wrap to secure pallets by hand, you could better packer health and safety by introducing a mobile stretch wrap dispenser. A dispenser like the model shown will reduce bending, improving back health. Using a dispenser can also make packers more efficient and help reduce material waste.

3. Use carrying harnesses for heavy lifting – to reduce the strain of lifting or moving large, bulky and heavy items you can use a carrying harness. Carrying harnesses are adjustable and are available to carry a variety of weights. These harnesses help minimise strains and pulls by allowing the body’s strongest muscles in the shoulders and legs to be used.

If you’d like to know more about any of these products or want to talk to one of our packaging experts about how you could improve the health and safety of your packers, contact Network Packaging. You can call 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form