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3 ways to reduce wrap rage

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Wrap rage is real. You’ve probably even experienced it yourself. You receive a package or buy something new, but it’s frustratingly hard to open or there’s tons of packaging, when the goods you’ve bought are tiny.

Packaging is fast becoming an essential part of the customer experience, especially as it often represents the first physical contact a customer will now have with a brand in the eCommerce age. That’s why it’s important that you do everything you can to reduce the dreaded wrap rage! Here’s 3 ways you can improve your packaging and minimise customer frustration…

1. Less is more – excess packaging is probably the number one culprit for triggering wrap rage – no want wants to be disposing of 20m of bubble wrap or void fill! Controlling packaging usage or providing guidelines to your packers can help eliminate this rage trigger. Automated systems for void fill or tape can also help minimise the amount of packing material you’re using.

2. Easy access – while you want a parcel to remain secure in transit, end consumers need to be able to access their goods. Adding easy-open features such as perforations, tear strips or “cut here” guides will enhance the customer experience.

3. Pass the letterbox test – coming home to a “We missed you card!” can often diminish the customer experience and adds the hassle of rearranging delivery or collecting a parcel. Choosing a packaging solution that passes the doorstep challenge by fitting through a letterbox can help alleviate this frustration.

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