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3 ways to speed up your packing operation

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No matter what industry you work in, packing your goods and getting them to your customers quickly and efficiently are important. As customers become more demanding, you want to protect your product, but ensure you’re speedy getting packs out the door to meet customer expectations. So, here are three tips from our experts to help you achieve efficiency when dispatching your goods…

1. A well prepared packing area 

Making sure all packaging materials are within reach of your packers is good practice. Having everything in one place, organised effectively will help shave valuable seconds off your pack time.

2. Using the right amount of packaging

This might seem common sense, but a lot of packing operations can be guilty of using too much packing. Over taping, using excess void fill or too much bubble wrap can all contribute to slowing packers down. Reviewing your packaging with a specialist will help you identify where you can cut down on excess material. As a result, by using less material, you’ll be reducing your waste output and improving your environmental impact.

3. Use speed enhancing products

Making a small change to crashlock base boxes could reduce your assembly time if you’re using a lot of cartons that require taping. Alternatively, if your operation is big enough, you may want to consider automated equipment like in line tapers, strapping tables and auto stretch wrappers to improve your packing times.

If you want help speeding up your packing operation, book some time with one of our experts. Simply call us on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form.