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4 alternative uses for bubble wrap

Bubble StressPicnic

Bubble wrap is one of the most common packaging materials you’ll come across in the household. It’s used by many businesses as a cost effective and simple way to protect goods, but it can be re-purposed around the house in lots of useful ways! Here’s four ways you can get the most out of bubble wrap:

1. Insulate your plants – during winter months, plants can often suffer if a chill sets in. Bubble wrap can be used to line planting pots and containers to ensure plants survive cold snaps. This trick also works for green houses or stopping the frost set in on your car windscreen.

 2. Use it for stress relief – who doesn’t love to pop bubble wrap? It’s always handy to help relieve stress or just for fun!

3. Add a new dimension to arts & crafts – whether you’re creating a collage or a painting, bubble wrap can be used to add texture or create interesting patterns.

4. Protect your picnics –   if you’re heading on a hike this summer and want to make sure your foods get to you picnic spot in perfect condition, bubble wrap can be used to cushion your snacks. Bubble wrap will also help keep any cold items cool.

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