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4 creative ways to reuse, repurpose or recycle packaging

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Packaging waste is a contributor to both land and sea pollution, but it doesn’t have to be. When packaging is designed, used, and disposed of properly its environmental impact is diminished.

So how can we reduce packaging waste? Reusing, repurposing or recycling any packaging waste is a great way to protect our planet and get creative. Here ‘s a few ideas to get you started…

  1. Turn your cardboard into compost

Using cardboard to create compost can be a rewarding experience that reduces packaging waste in the environment. You can compost most cardboard – as long as it’s broken down into smaller pieces. The smaller the pieces, the faster the cardboard will break down in your compost heap. You should also remove any tape, stitching or staples from boxes you’re using to make compost, as these won’t break down.

  1. Use leftover bubble wrap as insulation for plants or your car windshield

Bubble wrap is great for protecting products in transit and even popping to reduce stress – but did you know it can be used to provide insulation? The structure of the air pockets in bubble wrap and the plastic material itself are both effective in keeping heat in. It’s also easy to access and often cost effective or free if you’ve had some in a parcel. So, if you need to keep your plants from freezing during winter – wrap the pots in bubble wrap. You can also apply it to our car windshield to stop it frosting over and it can even be used to improve your house’s heat retention by applying it to windows!

  1. Make biodegradable planters from small boxes

As cardboard breaks down naturally, smaller cardboard boxes are a great alternative for plant pots. They’re ideal for starting seedlings and can then be planted directly into the ground as the plant matures. As the plant grows, the cardboard will naturally disintegrate allowing the plant’s root structure to expand uninhibited.

  1. Transform plastic bags into plarn for crochet

You’re probably thinking – what’s plarn? Plarn is plastic yarn. It’s a practical way to use up plastic bags that can often build up around the house. Once you’ve made some plarn it can be made into all sorts of products that are usually made by crocheting with yarn. So, you could make yourself a floor mat, long-life shopping bags, baskets, coasters – the sky’s the limit.  Click here to learn how to make it.

Making informed choices about packaging

As a responsible business we are committed to helping our customers make informed choices about their packaging and sustainability. The right packaging choices can help you reduce your company’s emissions and reduce waste, as well as support end consumer recycling.

Ask us how we can help by emailing or completing our contact form.


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