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4 packaging ideas for metal fabricators

Do you work for a metal fabrication business?

In the Midlands alone, there are hundreds of companies trading in this industry.

If you’re one of the people working in this sector, you’ll know that products manufactured by metal fabricators can often be hard to pack and protect due to the wide range of sizes and shapes being produced.

Plus, more complicated metalwork designs can often have impact your efficiency, because they’re harder to make, then pack and ship.

So, what packaging materials and equipment could you use to pack metal products?

1. Strapping and Strapping Tools

If you’re manufacturing metal tubes, bars and other long components, strapping is ideal for banding your goods together. Strapping your goods will help ensure they’re easier to store and transport.

Strapping is available in both plastic and metal, as well as varying widths and strength depending on your requirements.

If you work in a high demand environment, investing in semi-automatic or completely automated strapping tables would boost your efficiency and workflow.

2. Multi-use cartons and fittings

If you’re packing multiple products, but want to keep your packaging you a minimum, you should consider using boxes with multi-use fittings. This would enable you use a minimal number of boxes, for a range of your products.

Therefore, choosing this option could save you space, reduce your waste, improve your efficiency and help you reduce your costs. Click here to view a multi-use carton case study.

3. Specialty foams

For metalwork that is easily damaged, you could use specialty foams, as they provide great shock absorption and protection. You could also use foam to protect surface finishes.

Bespoke foam designs can be made if you’re packing unusual shaped equipment too. To see what we could do for you, check out our Handicare case study , where foam was used to protect metal tracks in transit.

4. Grip seal bags

If you’re manufacturing smaller metal items like screws, nuts, bolts and bearings, grip seal bags and bubble bags are essential for you.

They’re easy to store and can be used to pack up small items for shipping and retail. Check out our bag range by clicking here .

Need help packing your metal products?

So, if you’re a metal fabricator and need advice when it comes to packaging, get in touch with us. You can call us on 01902 496 666, email us or complete our contact form to book some time with one of our experts.