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4 packaging solutions to maximise warehouse space

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If you work in a warehouse environment, you’ll know that space is at a premium. So, the chances are, you’re looking to make the most of the space you have in your warehouse.

The team here at Network Packaging had a chat about the packing materials and equipment that can help you do this. Check out these space enhancing ideas…

1. Modular pick bins

If you need to create extra picking space for peak, modular pick bins are a great option.

You can choose modular pick bins in a range of size and shapes to suit your warehouse.  Plus, you can set them up or take them down as you need.

For a low-cost option, you can choose pick bins made from cardboard. This is a safe bet if it’s for temporary use. If you want something a bit sturdier and longer lasting, you can choose pick bins made from corrugated plastic or moulded plastic. Click here to find out about the other packing equipment we can help you with.

2. Airsac inflatable packaging

Do you ship fragile goods? If so, our Airsac inflatable packaging will not only protect your goods but also save you precious warehouse space.

Airsac is stored flat before use. Just one box of Airsac is equivalent to an entire pallet of polystyrene, foam or corrugated.

When you inflate Airsac its just 2% film and 98% air – it’s recyclable too. Click here to browse the Airsac range and buy online.

3. Sealed Air’s AirCap® E200 Bubble Wrap

You’ll be familiar with bubble wrap – but have you heard of Sealed Air’s AirCap® E200 Bubble Wrap?

Compared with other bubble wrap, Sealed Air’s AirCap® E200 can help you reduce storage used in you warehouse by up to 40%.

Tighter winding on the roll and barrier technology make this bubble wrap smaller so it takes up less room in your warehouse.

You can be confident you’re using a more environmentally friendly product too, as the way Sealed Air’s AirCap® Bubble Wrap is manufactured uses less film. See the other protective packaging options we offer here.

4. Stock holding & delivery services

An effortless way to save space in your warehouse, is to take advantage of ours!

As part of our complete stock management service, we can keep your packaging in our warehouse and deliver it as and when you need it.

This will help you release space, improve cash flow and ensure your packaging materials won’t perish. Click here to learn more.

Want more space saving packaging solutions?

To chat to us about more ways to maximise the space in your warehouse, get in touch via our contact page.