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4 quick tips to manage surges in demand

2020 continues to present many businesses with challenges that were unforeseen this time 12 months ago. Many companies are experiencing a lot of unpredictability when it comes to sales and demand for goods. Coupled with lockdown and social restrictions it’s providing hard to plan for the unexpected.  

So, how can you adapt quickly when you experience a surge in demand?  

Whilst lots of new orders is great for business, avoid a logistical headache, use these packaging tips to improve efficiency, flex your workspace and keep up with demand.  

1 – Flex your space with modular or temporary pick bins  

If you need more room using modular or corrugated pick bins can instantly give you more storage space. This type of storage is easily adaptable and if you use a cardboard solution it can be recycled after you’re done with it.  

2 – Use rapid filling and taping solutions  

Minimise manual handling time with semi or fully automated void fill and tape dispensers. Water activated tape machines will fit easily on packing benches and can be pre-programmed to produce the right length of tape your packers need minimising waste and improving pack appearance.  

3 – Re-think your boxes  

Switching to crash-lock base cartons, using postal wraps or self-seal boxes will all shave time off your packing process. These options also eliminate the need for tape, so you don’t have an extra sealing step and you reduce your packaging waste.  

4 – Keep your pack benches well stocked & organised  

An organised and well-stocked packaging bench will allow your staff to get more done and increase through put. You could quickly introduce rack sacks and packing station sacks for easy segregation of your warehouse waste, keeping your work areas tidy and making recycling simpler for your staff too.  

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