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4 ways packaging can help you respond to production increases

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All businesses experience spikes in demand. Whether this is caused by seasonality or winning  a new manufacturing contract,  you need to be able to respond quickly.

Whilst some production demands can be accounted for, every now and again you might be caught off guard. If this is the case, your operation might be thrown into disarray.

So, we’ve been thinking about ways the packaging solutions you use can help reduce the effects of production increases….

1. Use modular equipment to flex your warehouse space

Modular storage, such as corrugated pick bins, can help you quickly adapt your packing area, to cope with the latest demands. Corrugated pick bins can be made to order too – so you can have them in sizes to suit your warehouse space or the products you’re manufacturing.

2. Choose a core packaging range that suits your manufacturing capabilities

Having packaging that matches the range of products you produce can help you cut down pack time. No more searching for something that your goods fit in!

For example, if you’re manufacturing various size metal parts that are prone to corrosion, you might need a range of anti-corrosion bags on hand to pack goods. Another example would be using a core range of weight-bearing double wall boxes for transit if your goods are heavy.

3. Invest in automated packaging machinery

If you work in an extremely high demand environment, you could even go as far as automating some of your packing process!

These days, boxing machinery can scan the items you’re packing and erect the correct size box around it. The same goes for automated void fill – this kind of packing equipment will dispense the right amount of protective packaging required into the box containing your goods. You can even automate taping.

Using equipment like this would speed up your entire packing process and ensure you can respond easily when demand for your goods spikes. Plus, it can help you control material use – lowering your costs and reducing your packaging waste.

4. Keep packer fatigue at bay with well designed packing areas

If you’re packing goods manually in your production line, keeping your workers comfortable will help ensure their productivity.

As good practice, we recommend equipment like anti-fatigue matts in packing areas, which contribute to worker comfort and health & safety. Depending on the products you’re producing, you may also want to provide items like gloves and safety knives too.

Having the right packaging and organising them into a clear storage system will also help reduce labour intensity and increase efficiency to help you cope with demand. Plus, keeping materials well within packer reach will also reduce turning and twisting, contributing to comfort levels and reducing pack times.

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