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4 ways to show your customers you care

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As it’s February, the month of Valentine’s Day, we’ve been thinking about ways to show people that you care.

This doesn’t have to be limited to the special people in your life either, what about your customers?

You’ll know that customer experience can have a substantial impact on your sales.

If you offer a great customer experience, you’ll inspire loyalty and repeat orders. In the age of online shopping, your packaging can often be the first physical touchpoint in the customer experience.

So, how can you show your customers you care with packaging?

1 – Personalised notes

Small note cards with handwritten notes from your packers are a nice touch. A little “thank you” will let your customers know you care!

2 – Samples and freebies

Who doesn’t love a little give away? Small samples or fun size packs of sweets packed in your parcels will make welcome surprise for your customers.

3 – Printed tissue

Finishing your pack with printed tissue offers a luxury touch that your customers will appreciate. You could even secure your tissue with branded labels, which would further enhance your pack.

4 – Gift packaging options

Offering your customers a variety of gift packaging, especially during celebratory periods, is a great idea. It allows them to customise their order or send it directly to their indented recipient, saving them time.

Do you need help delivering the WOW-factor in your customer experience?

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