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4 ways to save space & increase efficiency in your warehouse

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Optimising your warehouse space and the packaging you use can help you save time and money. The more efficient your packing operation is – the quicker you can get your product to customers. A streamlined operation can also reduce handling and improve the work environment for your staff.

That’s why we’re sharing 4 ways you can save space & increase efficiency in your warehouse:

  1. Review packaging pallet plans

Pallets of packaging take up valuable space in your warehouse. Reviewing how your packaging is loaded on to your pallets can help you identify if there are any ways to increase the pallet load. The more items you can get on one pallet means fewer pallet spaces needed to store your packaging – releasing space.

This may mean re-designing your packaging to be more space efficient, but it will be worth it as it will also reduce the amount of fuel used and emissions emitted when your packaging is in transit.

  1. Use easy to assemble packaging

This may seem like a no brainer, but well-designed packaging will be easy to assemble and help you save time. For example, if you’re using  standard 0201 boxes, you’ll need to tape both the top and bottom of your packs. To save time you could switch to a crash-lock base box with a self-seal strip. Plus, this swap will also save space and reduce waste as you’d no longer need to use tape.

  1. Optimise your warehouse layout

How you organise your floor space can have an impact on your efficiency and storage space. Storing your packaging close to packing benches is essential – as replenishment can be completed quickly when packers run out of materials.

Coping with influxes in demand can also be challenging, in this instance, to make the most of your warehouse space you could use temporary pick bins to create more room for your product. You can set them up quickly, easily and with little capital investment.

  1. Automate packaging processes

If you’re packing high volumes of products, automating part or all of your packaging process can help you become more productive and have a positive impact on your packing operation. Automation can help you reduce storage and transport. Plus, you’ll have greater control over the packing process, reducing waste, optimising protection and enhancing the end customer experience. Many areas can be automated including boxing, taping, void fill, bagging and stretch wrapping.

Here’s a demo of the eCube case erector, one of the automation solutions we can supply

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