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5 benefits of a well-designed pack area

Pack Bench

January is often the time of year that you make resolutions, set goals and make plans. Have you made any when it comes to your business? If you’re using packaging, it might be worth considering if you’re getting the most out of your packing operation.

An efficient packing area is integral to any supply chain and there are a whole host of benefits that can come from having a well-designed pack area.

So, what are the benefits?

1 – Improved efficiency

If your packing area is fit for purpose stocked with optimal materials and right equipment, your operation will be more productive. This will include reduced pack time and increased throughput.

2 – Reduced labour costs

Investing in machinery and equipment that aids your packaging processes will mean you can reduce your labour costs or redistribute resource to other areas. This can help improve your profitability or productivity in different areas.

3 – Better-quality working environment

A well-designed packing area will enhance the quality of your workers’ environment. For example, less twisting and turning will contribute to the improved health of your staff and a well-stocked pack bench will reduce pressure to find the right materials, minimising stress.

4 – Minimised packaging waste

Reducing waste is a high priority for a lot of businesses right now. The right packing area and equipment will help you control material usage and therefore minimise the waste you’re producing. This is great for the environment and limits your risk to packaging waste regulation tax.

5 – Future proof operations

Reviewing your packing line now, with your future growth in mind, will help you future-proof your operation. Whilst investing in the right equipment can sometimes seem costly at the time, we often find that you’ll see return on investment within a few months or you’ll even offset the cost based on the savings you’ll be making in other areas.

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