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5 top tips for developing industrial packaging

So, Wolverhampton has recently been announced as the top European city for creating manufacturing jobs – which is fantastic news. Since Wolverhampton and the West Midlands has long been a hive of industrial activity, our local packaging team have put together some tips to help you improve your industrial packaging…

Keep it simple!

1. Streamline your packaging products.

Do you make the best use of all your current packaging? First of all, by rationalising the number of packaging materials you use, things become less complex so you’ll be able to pack quicker. Things like multi-use cartons and packaging can help you do this – check out a case study here.

2. Utilise your work space effectively.

Do you make the most of your workstation? You could maximise your efficiency by having key materials stocked on your pack bench or free up packing space by using more compact machinery. In addition to this, one of our experts could chat pack bench efficiency with you during a site visit!

3. Reduce usage of unnecessary void fill.

Is the use of void fill warranted in your packing process?  Excess void in your box means you’re probably wasting materials and money through surplus void fill. Therefore, re-designing your carton could offer cost savings, reduce waste, save on storage and minimise shipping costs.

Keep it safe!

4. Protect high value goods.

Ensure that the packaging you are using is appropriate for your goods and your brand. Are they easily damaged? If so, innovative packaging solutions like Airsac can reduce damages and maintain brand reputation. Also, when security is a high priority for your goods, tamper evident tape and seals are essentials that can give you peace of mind when it comes to packaging.

Keep it slight!

5. Minimise the weight of your delivery.

Finally, using fit for purpose packaging materials to reduce your environmental impact and minimise pack size which cuts delivery weight and costs.

If you want our help developing industrial packaging or want to find out more about our services like account management and stock holding, contact us today. You can book a free packaging review by calling 01902 496666, emailing us or completing our contact form.