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5 ways to get creative with spare cardboard boxes…

Box Castlediy office desk organizer

Have you been on a shopping spree recently or somehow managed to collect lots of boxes? While you can simply stick these in your recycling bin, you could re-purpose them into something useful or get creative with one of these life hacks….

1. Make a cardboard box fort – if you’ve got children or young relatives who need entertaining, making a cardboard box fort can be great fun. You can keep them simple or make them as elaborate as you want; we like this cardboard castle…

2. Get organised boxes can be used to make desk tidies, for sorting files and for general storage. If you want to add some colour, you could even use old wrapping paper to cover your creation.

3. Add it to your compost – if you’ve got green fingers and keep compost, you can add flattened or shredded boxes to your compost. Eventually they’ll form mulch that will help keep your garden well-fed!

4. DIY gift labels – you can get crafty by making your own gift labels with cardboard. All you need is a pair of scissors and a hole punch, glue, string and any decorative touches you want to add. You’ll save money and be adding a personal touch to any presents…

5. Toys for your pets – if you’re an animal lover and want to give your pets something to do, spare cardboard can be transformed in to mazes for smaller pets or even scratching posts for your cat!

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