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6 reasons to choose water activated paper tape

If you’re currently using plastic tape to seal your boxes, it’s worth considering water activated paper tape (also known as gummed paper tape) as it can offer you lots of advantages.

Here are six reasons water activated paper tape is rapidly becoming a top sealing choice:

1. Reduce waste & improve sustainability

As water activated tape is made from paper, it’s 100% recyclable and sustainable. This means your packaging waste is instantly reduced!

2. Cut your tape costs

When combined with an automated dispenser, you’ll have full control over the amount of tape being used to seal your boxes. This reduces excess use and waste, lowering the amount of tape you need to buy.

3. Improve pack presentation

Using water activated tape will improve your pack presentation and the customer experience as it looks great and is less wasteful.

4. Minimise packer fatigue & improve productivity

When used with a dispenser, gummed paper tape can help reduce fatigue for your staff. Plus, your productivity will increase as you’ll get more packs dispatched in less time.

5. Enhance pack security

Water activated paper tape is tamper evident. The adhesive creates a strong seal with cardboard, which makes it obvious if anyone has been trying to tamper with your packs.

6. Ensure temperature tolerance

The adhesive used with water activated tape is temperature tolerant – which means your box seal will hold fast, no matter the temperature you’re working in or where the pack is being delivered to.

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