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Airsac vs. traditional beverage packaging!

Drink packaging

If you’re an internet retail business or small company packing bottles of wine, beer, or spirits for transit, choosing the best packaging to get your goods safely to the end customer can be a trying choice. There’s a wide range of packaging options available from polystyrene packs through to boxes with dividers and moulded pulp – so it can get confusing.

In addition to the choice of packing materials, there’s also an increasing need to ensure a streamlined customer experience and deliver first time – whether you’re shipping goods domestically or internationally.

Our solution for packing wine and other beverages is Airsac  – our inflatable packaging range. Why is Airsac better than other packaging methods, you might ask?

Superior protectionAirsac eliminates damages and returns, saving you money and alleviating customer frustration by ensuring delivery first time. In practice, Airsac has even protected goods on a 13,000 mile round trip via air freight – with no damage to the packed goods.

Reduced pack times – enhanced productivity means you can get more orders out the door, saving precious time. The below video shows how quick Airsac is to use compared to bubble wrap!

Enhanced customer experience Airsac not only gets goods to your customers intact, it’s also 100% recyclable, so it’s easy to dispose of compared to polystyrene or foam chips.

For more information, download our handy comparison chart that compares Airsac inflatable packaging to traditional beverage transit packaging. Click here to get your copy now.

If you’re interested in Airsac or would like to talk to us about how to pack bottled products, contact the Network Packaging team on 01902 49666, email us  or complete our contact form today.