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Branded packaging can boost customer loyalty

Branded PackagingBranded packaging

We’ve blogged before about the importance of packaging when it comes to your customer experience. Not only does branded packaging create a great first impression, it can help improve customer loyalty and encourages repeat sales!


Dotcom Distribution (1) reports that 40% of online shoppers impact their perception of a brand. Furthermore, 60% of consumers stated that premium or branded packaging got them excited about receiving a package. Have you asked yourself recently how customers perceive your packaging?


Multiple-sources (1, 2) are now reporting that packaging also has an impact on customer loyalty. Supermarket News reports that 72% of consumers are more willing to pay more for goods where packaging guarantees freshness and quality. Additionally, 40% of online shoppers are more likely to buy again from retailers if they use premium or gift packaging. Packaging also acts as an identifier – making it easier for people to find brands again. This only serves to emphasise the increasingly important role packaging now plays in our world of online shopping.

Branded Packaging = Repeat Sales

Greater customer loyalty naturally leads to repeat sales. As far back as 2012, one online retailer saw growth of 45% which was attributed to the use of premium packaging (3). Packaging News (4) also reported that packaging has a strong link to consumer satisfaction and intent to buy, plus 68% of consumers surveyed by the IMRG cite a good delivery experience as encouraging them to shop with a retailer again. Therefore, its good practice to ensure your packaging is on point.

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