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Changes to packaging producer responsibilities in 2021

If your business handles over 50 tonnes AND turns over more than £2 million per year, you’re classed as a packaging producer and must comply with UK packaging waste responsibilities. These regulations aim to reduce the amount of packaging UK companies are using.

What does “handling” mean?

Your company handles packaging if it owns the packaging on which the certain activities are performed, supplies packaging or packaging materials; or carries out one or more activities specified by the government. These activities include:

  • Producing raw materials for packaging manufacturing
  • Packaging conversion (making raw materials into packaging)
  • Putting goods into packaging or putting packaging around goods
  • Selling packaging
  • Importing packaging or packed goods from outside the UK

Your packaging producer responsibilities

If you meet these criteria you must register (or be registered) as a packaging producer by 7 April every year. You can choose to do this by registering with a compliance scheme or registering yourself directly with your relevant environmental regulator. You will then need to enter your business information and packaging data into the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD).

As part of the registration, you may also need to include supporting information to demonstrate compliance. Every year, you’ll also have to submit a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) by 31 January.

What are the changes to packaging waste reporting for 2021?

From 1 January 2021, you’ll now have to review and report on your recovery and recycling obligations. When you enter your packaging data into the NPWD your recycling obligations will be automatically generated. All recycling obligations are in line with government targets.

How we can support your packaging producer responsibilities

If you’ve purchased packaging from us in the past year, our team are on hand to provide the information you need to comply with your responsibilities.

To make things even easier, any businesses that use our online order management system, Simpicit.e, can log in and download the relevant reports they need.  If you don’t have a Simplicit.e account yet, click here to learn more about the benefits the system offers and register.

We can also support you with your sustainability goals. For a free virtual consultation email