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How cold temperatures affect packaging

Looking out the window at the snow today got us thinking about how cold temperatures can affect the performance of your packaging.

Storing your packaging in a cold or damp environment can influence its quality over time and can stop certain packaging materials working as efficiently as possible!

So, which of your packaging materials could be affected?

Labels and tape
Labels and packaging tape won’t stick to your boxes or parcels as well if they’re cold. This is because low temperatures make the adhesives on tape and labels less tacky, making the sticky adhesive hard and brittle.

In colder weather, try warming up your labels or tape by rubbing them between your palms before use. It will help you be more efficient and create less waste as you’ll be able to seal and label your packages in one try!

Corrugated packaging
Cold temperatures can degrade the strength of your cardboard boxes and other corrugated materials. Plus, if you’re using any boxes that are held together with glue, they could fall apart.

Damp conditions can also affect material quality and deteriorate the cardboard over time. If you want to avoid this, make sure you you keep your packaging storage space is temperature regulated and dry. Alternatively, you could take advantage of a stock holding service, like the one we offer. Click here to learn more.

Foams and plastics
If you use any foams made from polyethylene, it can lose its flexibility in extreme cold and may not offer optimal protection. Polypropylene based materials can also become brittle.

In this instance, ensuring a temperature managed environment for your packaging storage is important to maintain foam and plastic performance.

In contrast, packaging materials made from Styrofoam will continue to perform well, even in the coldest temperatures. It’s a great choice if you’re shipping goods via temperature controlled haulage.

Do you need to get your packaging out of the cold?

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