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3 areas to consider for packaging automation

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Peak 2017 is fast approaching. The IMRG and Salmon predict that peak this year will continue to see online sales boom. With this in mind, they state that during this stressful time of year supply chains can come to a stop without the right packaging materials to ship goods(1).

So, have you given thought to your packaging during peak this year? As you can often be under pressure to get more goods out the door, we’re sure you’re looking for ways to speed up you packing operation.

Time to try something different! Enter packaging automation…

If you’re dealing with high volumes of parcels throughout the year, it might be time for you to start considering packaging automation long term. Using automation in your supply chain can help you:

  • Speed up your operation – packaging automation will increase throughput
  • Reduce material waste – control over material yield means only what’s needed is used
  • Maximise labour efficiency – packaging automation means less handling for pickers and packers
  • Enhance customer experience – your packages will have a consistent appearance

What areas can you consider for automation?

1. Box Makers

Are you using a lot of boxes? Automated box makers, like Sealed Air’s B+ and eCube machinery, could make a world of difference in your packaging operation. They scan the size of the goods and then form the appropriate size box around them – minimising waste and saving time.

2. Auto Bagging

If you’re packing goods like clothing, bedding, soft furnishings and other textiles, automated bagging machines could work for you. They can provide rapid, secure and accurate dispatch of your goods, as well as automated labeling options to provide ready to post packs.

3. Auto Void Fill

Receiving excess void fill when you open a parcel can be frustrating, right? Whether your operation uses air cushions or paper to fill your boxes, you can integrate and automate delivery of these materials directly into your pre-packed boxes. This gives you greater control and removes frustration in the customer experience.

If you want to learn more about automating your packing process, get in touch. You can call us on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form to book time with one of our packaging experts.


(1) The IMRG and Salmon Peak 2017 Preview