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Tips to cut your packaging handling time

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Do you feel like you’re constantly handling packaging in your warehouse? If you’d like to free up time, there are a few things you can do to cut your packaging handling…

Review your packaging delivery schedule

How frequently your packaging is delivered will have a big impact on the amount of time you spend handling materials.

Only get your packaging delivered every few weeks or are you getting delivered every day? Either way could be intrusive. For example, if you’re a small or medium business who receives daily deliveries, you’re taking time out every day to unload and store your packaging. Ask yourself if you need deliveries this frequently. Is this the best way to spend your time?

Finding the right balance for your business will depend on your operation. Our customers frequently say that working on a just-in-time delivery basis is what works best for them. They get what they need when they need it, minimising warehouse disruption and maintaining stock integrity.

Review your hot ticket packaging items

Are your-most used packaging materials working as effectively as possible? If you find you’re running out of bubble wrap, changing stretch film rolls or your void fill film often in your warehouse, you might want to take note.

It might just be that you demand has increased, so you need to stock more packaging. Alternativey, you might be able to switch to a new, innovative material that reduces downtime. For example, we now offer a variety of packing materials in longer roll lengths which cuts handling and reduces the number of deliveries you need.

Review your packing process

You may use multiple packaging materials for one pack, or your team could be having to fetch items that aren’t stored in the packing area. If you spot any of these, could your packing process be less labour intensive?

Taking stock of how you’re packing could help you identify any bottlenecks or points of excessive handling that are wasting valuable time.

Let us handle your packaging, so you can handle your business

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