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Does your packaging pass the doorstep challenge?

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Recently, a report from the IMRG highlighted that over 90% of consumers now prefer to receive their online shopping deliveries to home. This should come as no surprise. Living through a pandemic mean people have been spending more time at home than ever. Plus, the effect of this has been a huge surge in internet retail as people turned to online shopping for essentials and add interest to their lives with new purchases. In the UK alone, there has been a 46% increase online retail sales.

This now means that packaging is now more integral than ever to a consumer experience with your brand. Making sure it passes the doorstep challenge is important, but what qualities does your packaging need to do this?

Creating a great packaging experience and passing the doorstep challenge

Great internet retailing packaging should help optimise your supply chain and delight your customer.

Packaging has a role to play before dispatch, as even a small bottleneck could affect your productivity (and therefore delivery to customers). So, we suggest that you choose packaging solutions that are:

  • Light and space efficient
  • Optimally sized and minimise waste
  • Strong enough to protect your goods
  • Appropriately branded
  • Quick to assemble and pack

From a customer perspective, research from our group’s annual unboxing surveys and bodies like the IMRG tell us that consumers want packaging that is:

  • Easy to open – think tear strips and perforations!
  • Secure and not easy to tamper with – everyone wants their shopping delivered safely
  • Strong enough to prevent damage – 50% of consumers still believe they’re receiving tarnished goods that are getting damaged in transit
  • Less wasteful, sustainable & recyclable – nearly 40% of packaging is considered not environmentally friendly by customers and 56% of consumers think packaging is often too big for the item(s) they’ve purchased
  • Easy to return – 30% of shoppers over-purchase expecting to make returns

In addition to the above, you could also consider how best to optimise your packaging for contact free deliveries, which are preferable whilst we continue to live with Covid-19. Click here to read our guide.

Help optimising your packaging to pass the doorstep challenge

We’re working every day with companies like yours to optimise their packaging, improve pack line performance and deliver cost reductions. Email for a consultation today.



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