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Eco-friendly alternatives to traditional thermal packaging

Do you ship goods that require temperature control packaging? Historically, most thermal or temperature control packaging materials have centred on polystyrene or products that use radiant barrier film. However, these materials aren’t recyclable or environmentally friendly.

So, what can you do about this? If your business is looking for a thermal solution that’s eco-friendlier, checl out these alternatives…

Ranpak thermal paper packaging

Using their paper-packaging know-how Ranpak have engineered a solution that uses the insulating properties of paper to create thermal packaging.

The unique, patented waves used in the paper significantly reduce heat loss caused by conduction, convection and radiation.

You can use Ranpak thermal paper packaging for ambient, chilled and frozen markets, and its available in 9L, 24L and 36L options. The highest performance paper can maintain any frozen goods you ship for up to 48 hours.

Sheep wool lined packaging  

A good alternative you can use is thermal packaging that’s manufactured using sheep wool. Just like when we wear a woolly jumper, the material providers insulating properties keeping your goods at their required temperature.

Positively, sheep’s wool is 100% home compostable and biodegradable, you can even send it to landfill where it will break down within 6 – 12 months as it’s a natural fibre.

You should bear in mind that this kind of packaging could be a bit bulkier store. So, you’ll need to think about how this will work if space is limited in your warehouse.

Recycled fibre materials

If creating or contributing to a circular economy is an important goal for your business, you could use materials from other industries that have been upcycled into thermal packaging.

For example, many companies are now producing thermal packaging from carpet offcuts, cotton and wool rich clothing, as well as Kevlar – helping eliminate waste textiles from the environment. These fibres are taken and densely compressed to give you materials with insulating properties.

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