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Packaging to keep electronics safe in transit

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Are you an electronics retailer or manufacturer?  If so, you’re likely to know that delicate electronic devices can easily be damaged in transit. This can be an expensive for you if you factor in the cost of replacing goods through to the impact it can have on your brand.

If you want to avoid this significant cost, you should consider the packaging you’re using. Depending on your products, you may want to consider a variety of materials that offer general protection through to specialist electrostatic discharge packaging

So, what electronics packaging should  you use?

For general damage protection

To protect your goods from general damage, such as drops or mishandling, you will need to use packaging that provides excellent cushioning.

Our Airsac inflatable packaging range is made of 98% air and it can virtually eliminate damages in transit. Plus, Airsac is available in a variety of stock styles for you to choose from. You can already buy hard drive, laptop, PC, iMac and TV Airsac packaging off the shelf. If our stock bags don’t suit you, we can also create bespoke Airsacs to meet your requirements in our UK design centre. Learn more by clicking here.

Other electronics packaging you can use for general protection includes boxes with foam inserts, bubble bags or paper cushioning. Check out our protective packaging page for more ideas.

For specialist anti-static protection

If you’re packing sensitive electronic components you will want to use anti-static packaging. You may also hear this referred to has electrostatic discharge packaging.

Anti-static packaging products can include bags, films and foams that are manufactured especially to dissipate static charges. You’ll often find this packaging is pink in colour, to clearly indicate it’s anti-static.

For your highly sensitive electronics, you may want to invest in metallic barrier bags. These protect your goods from electronic static discharge by  forming a Faraday cage around each item, which disperses the static. These bags can also be clearly printed with special warnings, which helps remind people to handle your goods with care.

Do you need to talk about electronics packaging?

So, if you want support sourcing specialist electronics packaging, we’re here to help. Simply call us on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form today to book time with one of our experts.