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Enhance your brand perception through packaging…

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In the ever competitive market of retail, businesses need to stand out. With internet retail continuing to boom (the first six months of 2015 have seen an 11.4% year on year growth in sales*), retailers are looking to differentiate themselves and packaging is increasingly becoming one area that companies can enhance the customer experience.

So, how can you enhance your brand through packaging?

1. Give packaging your attention! 

Packaging plays a key role in defining your brand and can help drive brand relevance. Understand what your customers would want to see and what they would like to experience – what’s their wow factor?

If you’re in internet retail business, your packaging is the first tangible experience a consumer will have with your company. Packaging that arrives in a good condition, having protected customer goods, is essential to create a positive first impression. Brand your packaging and you can create a lasting impression that will ultimately help drive brand recognition.

Packaging can be customised with simple logos, complex patterns or company colours to reinforce brand identity with consumers. Alternatively, you could look for an unusual or custom box design, which meets your packing needs but also contributes to a memorable brand experience for your customers.

2. What’s in the box?The outside of your transit carton is important, but considering the customer experience when they open a parcel is vital if you want to continue to positively reinforce brand perception. Printing the inside of a box or lining it with printed tissue may add an unexpected element to a consumer’s un-packing experience.

You should also consider void fill and any other materials customers may encounter in your packs. Branded void fill and protective packaging is available, but you should also reflect on the environmental impact of your packaging. Social media is alight with shoppers criticising excess or non-recyclable packaging, so why not consider a biodegradable or paper option for your protective packaging or void fill. It’s also important to review your packing practices to ensure packers are well trained and material usage is fit for the goods being packed.

 3. Don’t forget consumables…

You can extend your brand experience through consumables such as printed tapes, mailing sacks and padded envelopes that are often used for dispatching smaller goods.

From metallic finished on bubble lined envelopes, through to geometric designs on mailing sacks you can apply your brand look and feel throughout your packaging range.

4. Make packaging interactive!

Packaging presents a great opportunity to drive customer engagement. In this digital age, augmented reality is becoming increasingly mainstream and adds sensory enhancements such as superimposed graphics and audio to packaging in real time through the use of a smartphone. Examples of augmented reality can include simple games or “how to” videos that add a learning or support element to packaging.

QR (Quick Response) code are another option you can apply to your packaging, allowing consumers to scan them and instantly open your website. This could lead to your home page, a landing page or even a competition page.

If you want to enhance or brand your packaging, why not talk to us about our bespoke packaging service? We also have a team dedicated to internet retail packaging called Smartpack, developed so we can provide specialist solutions to ecommerce businesses, which provide commercial gains and operational efficiencies. To get in touch call us on 01902 496666 or email today!

*Source: IMRG MetaPack UK Delivery Index