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Five cardboard box alternatives for internet retailers

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As lockdown restrictions have driven shoppers online, many internet retailers are experiencing vast surges in demand. If you work in the industry, you may be managing the difficulties of corrugated shortages on top of the usual peak pressures.

So, if you’re struggling to source your regular cardboard boxes this blog might help! Here are five cardboard box alternatives that could help you relieve some of the pressure:

  1. Mailing Bags

Depending on your products, mailing bags can be a great cardboard box alternative. They’re suited to non-fragile items without corners, like clothing and soft furnishings. Plus, they’re often flexible enough to fit through letterboxes and help your customers avoided the dreaded attempted delivery card.

If you’re concerned about using plastic packaging, we even have 100% paper options available. They’re kerbside recyclable and will support your sustainability goals.

  1. Postal Wraps

Postal wraps are a great all-in-one packaging solution and an alternative to regular boxes. They all come with a self-seal strip, so there’s no need to use tape either. This helps you reduce waste and save time.

  1. Solid Board Envelopes

If you retail goods like books, DVDs and video games, you should consider solid board envelopes. The rigid material provides good protection, and they can expand up to 30mm, making them suitable for a variety of item depths.

You can often post solid board envelopes through letterboxes too, so they pass the doorstep challenge!

  1. Postal Tubes

For more unusually shaped items, you could consider postal tubes as an alternative to boxes. Whilst they’re traditionally used for posters and technical drawings, you can pack golf clubs, cooking utensils, flasks or other lengthy items in them. They come with plastic end caps to seal them, but you should also consider using tape over the end caps for extra security.

  1. Cushioned envelopes

Envelopes that are lined with cushioning materials could be suitable for more fragile items or goods with rigid corners. We have envelopes with a variety of lining including bubble, paper fluting or padding.

If you want more information about these cardboard box alternatives, why not contact the Network Packaging team?

Email or call 01902 496 666.