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Five reasons to choose a packaging distributor

packaging distributor

If you’re buying your packaging products direct from manufacturers, you may think you’re getting a great deal on the price. And whilst that can often be true when you just look at unit price, your packaging may be costing you in other ways such as storage, transport and even admin.

So, why choose a packaging distributor?

Choosing to work with a packaging distributor, like Network Packaging, has lots of advantages. Here we explain five reasons why working with a distributor can benefit your business and help you save money.

  1. Easy, single source supply

A packaging distributor can supply any packaging product you need, as well as the equipment to go with it.

Rather than spending the time ordering from multiple suppliers or manufacturers, distributors can act as a one stop shop. Less admin for you and the possibility of reducing you labour costs.

  1. Release space in your warehouse

Many manufacturers don’t have the capacity to store your packaging for you. A distributor does.

We provide a stock holding and inventory management service. Making use of this service gives you space back in your warehouse. If you’re paying for pallet space, you’ve got an instant saving that doesn’t cost you anything. Alternatively, you’ve got more room to store your own product which has a higher value compared to relatively low value packing materials.

Click for more information about our stock management services.

  1. Lower purchase quantities and improved cash flow

To get great prices from a manufacturer, you’re often having to buy and store large quantities of packaging. A distributor can help you release cash flow by drip feeding in the stock you need, when you need it. You only pay for what you use, so you’re not risking the large expense of buying materials in bulk.

  1. Packaging designs tailored to your needs

When you choose to buy your packaging from a distributor, we can design packaging that completely meets your requirements. In contrast, a manufacturer is only capable of producing certain products and designs based on the capability of their machinery.

Click to read about our bespoke packaging design service or click for a virtual tour of our group’s Innovation Lab.

  1. Dedicated account management

All our customers receive dedicated account management from an external representative and our internal coordinators. Your account manager will be your partner in packaging, here to ensure your operation is always efficient, cost effective and – importantly – keeps your customers satisfied.

Rather than looking at one type of packaging like a manufacturer, our account managers can assess your entire packaging supply chain, materials, and processes. This means we can optimise your entire operation and cut out costs where a manufacturer may not be able to.

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