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Food Packaging: food for thought

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Did you know 7.3 million tonnes of food waste still ends up in our landfills every year (1)? If you work in the food industry, you’ll know waste is a BIG issue & that “Brits are anxious about the amount they throw away”(2).

Food waste: who’s responsible for it?

Stop Food Waste claims distribution & eCommerce sectors, factories and consumers are all part of the problem (2). Experts are calling on retailers & organisations within the industry to help make a difference. So, what influence can you have?

Start considering your packaging

Packaging and food waste can go hand in hand. Inadequate packaging can contribute to the most common cause of food waste – food that’s passed its best before date (3). The question is, what can you do about it?

Review the specification of your food packaging

If you sell perishable foods you’ll know they need to be stored at certain temperatures.

It’s important that the packaging you use protects the integrity of the food to avoid it spoiling. For refrigerated and frozen foods, it’s good to use board that’s unbleached on the inside so the food isn’t contaminated. An example would be Maule RC Kraft (4), which can also be printed with your branding to enhance the customer experience.

Temperature control packaging solutions

Temperature control packaging will prolong the shelf life of certain food items while in transit. You should consider using things like gel packs & foil lined bags or boxes. For more information on temperature control packaging click here to read our blog.

Resealable packaging solutions

Resealable packaging means customers who buy in bulk can keep their food fresh, so they’re more likely to use it all rather than waste it if it spoils. As we are part of the Macfarlane group we have access to Re-seal It labels (5)! A great food packaging alternative as used by Walkers Shortbread Ltd.

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