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Get ready for Christmas – optimise your packing operation!

Packing benches

Are you getting in the festive mood? Here at Network Packaging, we’re already working hard towards the Christmas peak, ensuring our customers have everything they need to cope with the sharp demand in sales as consumers start shopping.

It’s a busy time of year, so it’s important that your packing operation is as efficient as possible. As we’re packaging experts at Network Packaging, we wanted to share some hints and tips to help you prepare.

You can optimise your packing operation by:

  1. Keep Packing Stations Well Stocked – make sure your packers have access to all the materials they need. Packing time won’t be wasted fetching additional stock.
  2. The Right Packaging – one box doesn’t fit all! It’s important to have the right range of packaging for the job. If your boxes, void fill, tape and other materials are spot on, your packers will be able to pack quickly and be less wasteful.
  3. Fit For Purpose Packing Stations & Equipment – you can customise your packing stations to your operations and the needs of your packers. Existing stations can be adapted to add new features such as cutters or bubble rollers, or you can have new stations designed and integrated to include void fill systems and more – whatever suits your operation.
  4. Utilise Down Time – in quieter moments (if you’re lucky enough to have some), packers can make up boxes, inflate void fill and re-stock stations so they’re ready to go when work picks up.
  5. Keep Packaging At The Right Temperature – cold weather can impact the effectiveness of some packaging. For example, the adhesive on tape can be less effective when very cold!

If you’d like some advice about your packing materials, equipment or machinery, Network Packaging can help. Book an appointment with one of our representatives and they’ll review your packaging and assist you in finding the best packaging solution for your business.

To contact us call 01902 496666 or email . One of the Network Packaging team will be in touch to help with your enquiry and book you an appointment with one of our representatives