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A quick guide to 3 void fill systems we love

Storopack AirPlus Cushion

Let’s talk void fill! If you have a wide product range and don’t use bespoke boxes for every order, then void fill will be an essential on your packaging tick list. So, we’ve thought about 3 void fill systems we love, to help you decide what’s best for your business.

Storopack’s AIRplus® Cushion

Storopack AIRplus

When you’re shipping products that aren’t too heavy, air cushioning systems like Storopack’s AIRplus® Cushion are perfect at absorbing shocks in transit. You’ve probably had them arrive in your own online orders, for things like giftware, perfume or aftershave and other cosmetics and accessories. There’s a variety of machines available dependent upon the size of the cushions you require.

What can I use this for?

Any of the above, or things like books, clothes or even children’s toys! We think this is the most novel use of the AIRplus® void fill though!

 Airsac® Inflatable Packaging

Airsac Inflatable Packaging

Made from 2% film and 98% air, Airsac® inflatable packaging is 100% recyclable. Not only this, but it can virtually eliminate your damages in transit, reducing the cost of reverse logistics and in turn your Co2 emissions. Start-up costs are minimal… all you need is an air line and a compressor. Or, for low volume usage you can even inflate these using a hand pump! For more information about UltraMail, the latest protective mailing bag innovation from Airsac®, follow this link.

 What can I use this for?

Stock ranges on the online shop include; wine, beer, spirits, liqueurs, chemicals, picture frames, mirrors, artwork, pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment and more, the list goes on! Acer love it. You can also get an Airsac® created that is bespoke to your product.
You’re already using too much plastic though, right? Well we do have an alternative… but while you’re here why not read this interesting debate (3) on the ‘demonising’ of plastic packaging.


Void Fill: PadPak

Environmentally friendly packaging is a hot topic! Businesses and consumers are paying more attention than ever to the packaging their goods are in… it’s all over the news! Retailers like M&S and Costa are already making changes to their packaging, to fall in line with this consumer trend (1). Manufacturers and industrial firms too are under pressure, to reduce their waste and use of plastic throughout the supply chain.

That’s why we love PadPak®! A cushioned paper packaging solution, developed to absorb shock to guarantee safe arrival of fragile products. Not only this, our customers love using it for more heavy duty, awkwardly shaped manufactured goods (like the above). It reduces the need for several stock lines and stops the item moving around in a standard box.

What can I use this for?

Anything from automotive & computer parts, to giftware like candles and china. There’s not much it doesn’t work with!

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