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How online packaging purchasing can make blended working easier

After multiple lockdowns, many of us have gotten used to working from home. As restrictions relax, blended working seems like it will become the new norm for many of us – with some days at home and some days in the office.

Finding balance – the benefits & challenges of blended working

Blended working arrangements offer us all benefits – like an increased life/work balance on a personal level. Staff will also be reassured about safer working environments, which is particularly important in the wake of Covid. It’s not just employees who benefit either, blended working is advantageous for businesses too.  It can reduce overhead costs and help businesses increase staff retention, as many people now value the flexibility they’ve experienced in the past 18 months.

But blended working won’t always be plain sailing…

Challenges like shifting working patterns and less face-to-face time can create issues with communication and continuity of service. If you don’t handle these challenges appropriately, they could also impact your customer experience.

The power of good business planning

Effective planning and infrastructure can help you prevent the challenges of blended working. Providing clear working structure and the right equipment are great foundations for easier day to day operations. For example, giving your staff a schedule of office and non-office days can help them plan for meetings and daily tasks, and keeps them in the loop.

When it comes to buying your packaging, being organised and having the right tools can help make blended working easier too. Would you…

  • Find it useful to be able to purchase stock out of hours?
  • Want to manage your purchasing from different locations?
  • Like to ensure your team buy consistent packaging SKUs at agreed prices?
  • Need quick and easy access usage figures, invoices or PODs?

Easy and convenient online packaging purchasing

All these factors might point to your team needing access to an online packaging purchasing system. A system that lets you manage your packaging any time of day, no matter where you are.

Our group’s free, easy and convenient e-trading platform Simplicit.e is available to all Network Packaging customers. So, our customer can view and manage their packaging orders, access authorisations, delivery notes, invoices and reporting – all in one place, whenever they need it.

The system allows customers reduce admin, save time, and control their packaging costs from any location, 24/7 – supporting blended working practices.

Click here to learn more about the system or email to open a Simplicit.e account.