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How switching to self-adhesive paper tape can have a big impact

self adhesive paper tape

One small change can often have a BIG impact on your packaging. If you’re using regular plastic packaging tape, swapping to self-adhesive paper tape might be a quick and easy way to benefit you and the environment.

Instant plastic reduction

If you’re an environmentally conscious business, reducing and rethinking plastic use is probably on your agenda. Making the change to paper tape can help you instantly reduce the amount of plastic in your supply chain. It can even eliminate it if traditional packing tape is the only plastic you’re using.

Cut your tape use by up to half

For every 2-3 strips of plastic packing tape, you often only need 1 strip of self-adhesive paper tape as it’s stronger and more durable. As you’d be using much less tape, you may be able to reduce your sealing costs too! So whilst paper may weigh more than plastic, the significant reduction in the meterage you need will result in an overall material weight reduction…

100% recyclable 

Self-adhesive paper tape is 100% recyclable.  The tape can be popped into kerbside recycling as part of the paper waste stream, as the adhesive is removed during the recycling process. Plus, as you need less paper tape vs. plastic, you could reduce your overall pack weight and shipping costs.

Improve your pack appearance

Paper tape can help improve your overall pack appearance, which will enhance your customer experience. Plus, paper tape can be printed too, so you can customise it with your branding.

No new equipment needed

Self-adhesive paper tape will work on a standard tape gun, so there’s no need to buy new equipment or invest in an automated dispenser.

If you want to have a big impact with a small change, ask us for more information about self-adhesive paper tape. Email or complete our contact form.